BRECKSVILLE, Ohio (AP) - A Polish couple who overstayed their visas by more than a decade will be deported, despite a plea from their 8-year-old American-born son to President Bush.

Sylwester Boryka, 34, will leave for Warsaw on Friday and will immediately file papers to return to this Cleveland suburb. His wife, Mariola Boryka, 35, must then return to Poland and go through the same process.

"We're very hopeful that Sylwester will return home very quickly ... but we have no idea how long it will take," said Richard T. Herman, the family's lawyer.

The couple arrived from Poland in 1990 on tourist visas. The Immigration and Naturalization Service began deportation proceedings in 1991 after the visa expired. The couple ignored an order to leave the country in 1999 because it was being appealed, their attorney said.

In early 2000, the INS ordered the couple deported for overstaying their visas. They were detained that December, after Mariola Boryka was stopped during a routine traffic check.

The couple's son, Karol, asked Bush for help last year because the president "seemed like a man who cared about families."

The letter prompted calls from the INS commissioner's office in Washington, D.C. Republican Sen. George Voinovich also got involved.

Because Karol and his 5-year-old sister, Claudia, were born in the United States, they can remain here, along with Sylwester's elderly mother, Felicia, a Polish immigrant who became a U.S. citizen 20 years ago.

AP Online (Pg. Unavail. Online) 1/9/02
2002 WL 3702336


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